The Power of One

“"Manuel's is an against-the-odds story of immeasurable courage, strength and determination overcoming extreme adversity. His testimonial leaves audiences not only awed and inspired, but also moved towards change. No one who hears Manuel will ever be the same."”

Masie Bross

Director of Whiz Kids, Inc.

You Can Be a Student's Best Hope!

Are you or your staff starting to wonder whether your work as an educator matters? Do you or your staff have tired, heavy hearts, and are seriously thinking about walking away from education?

For your next event, let Dr. Manny Scott remind your group of their "Why?" in a way that only he can. He will help you and your staff remember:

  • Your work is not in vain.
  • You have the power to change a student's life.
  • Even on your worst day, you can still be a student's best hope!  

Your hearts will be refreshed with this one truth: one act of kindness, one word of encouragement, or one gesture of genuine love from a school employee can literally change the trajectory of a student’s life. Manny is living proof.

When Manny was a student going through the most difficult moments of his life, it was loving adults—teachers, coaches, a lunch lady, an assistant principal, a man struggling with an addiction to drugs, and others—who, despite all that was wrong in the world, lovingly helped him overcome the obstacles in his life.

They helped Manny go from being a high school dropout to the man he is today—author, educator, scholar, speaker, husband, father, pilot, and public servant.

Takeaways from Keynote

  • Get a powerful reminder of your "Why?"
  • Get a new lens through which to see youth, their families, and yourselves.
  • Self-awareness that allows you to build bridges into the lives of your students, staff, and co-workers.
  • A renewed heart to showing up for kids.

Keynote Details

  • 60-90 minute presentation.
  • Ideal for groups who work with underperforming youth, and those who serve vulnerable populations.
  • Ideal for convocations, conferences, professional development days.