From Fs and Ds to As and Bs (Pre-Sale)


How can you go from Fs and Ds to As and Bs? Manny shares eight proven habits for how students can turn their grades around, one step at a time. Growing up, Manny was a terrible student. He had a bad attitude, missed a lot of school, and earned bad… Read More


How do you pick up your grades? How do you go from Fs and Ds to As and Bs?

Well, I have an answer to that question because I used to be a terrible student who had Fs and Ds. The first semester of my freshman year in high school I earned 3 Fs, 3 Ds, and a C. That’s a 0.6 GPA, I believe. I was a terrible student in elementary school, middle school, and high school. I also had a bad attitude. I missed a lot of school and as a result, my grades suffered. To make things worse, I dropped out of high school and I wasted a lot of time in the streets. ...

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