Be Reminded of Your Why. Be Equipped with Your How.

What: Professional Development with Manny Scott

When: July 18, 2020

Where: Atlanta, GA

Be Reminded of your WHY?

You have the power to change someone's life!

You can stop dropouts, overdoses, suicides, and school shootings!

You can empower even the most underperforming, troubled, or traumatized kids to succeed in school, and graduate prepared for work and life. 

Be Equipped with your HOW

We are in a new world, characterized by rapid changes in population density, technology, immigration patterns, ethnic, religious, economic, and political diversity. These changes have created a world that requires you to regularly interact with people of different cultural origins—be it in your classrooms, in schools, next door, across town, or thousands of miles away.  Whether or not you embrace these changes, these changes will continue to increase in both frequency and intensity and grow in importance. 

Learn to communicate across differences, reach across divides, and teach across cultures. Right now, our world needs bridge-builders, peacemakers, and agents of change. You—YES, YOU!—can be the person who changes the trajectory of someone's life. 

Don’t settle for an ordinary impact when you can have an extraordinary one! Commit to a morning of life-changing growth with me!  

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July 18, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA

The R.E.A.C.H. Approach

Drawing from my personal life, my PhD work, and from nearly two decades of working with over two million people in 49 states, I have developed an approach to reaching people that has empowered countless individuals to excel in school, work and life. Learn how to do it yourself with greater impact. I call it the R.E.A.C.H. Approach.

What Others Are Saying

I used to think Manny Scott was the best speaker I had ever heard in my 46 years in education—and I still do. But I believe, after hearing him teach [my administrators and teachers] today, that his strongest suit is that of lecturing and teaching and interacting with an audience. ... He puts it in a way that is easy to understand. Plus, he brings great credibility to it because of his background.

What Others Are Saying

Manny, thanks so much for coming to West Plains. The faculty and staff are still reeling over the experience. I continue to receive messages 'this was the best experience of my PD career!' You have inspired all of us.

Julie Williams

What Others Are Saying

Your presentation is the best we ever had in Miller Place (as one of the sages here, I agree). One of our Board of Education member’s son (a senior at the high school) came home and raved about your presentation. She almost fell off her chair that her son wanted to talk to her about something from school. Your impact was quite prolific.

Seth Lipshie

Department Superintendent

What Others Are Saying

My class has changed forever! I am reading your book to my students and they love it. I also took your advice. I told my students that I really didn't know them, and that I was truly sorry for not acknowledging their cultures. We have become much closer and the behavioral problems have slipped away. You are a Rock Star! Your new pal Deac.

David Declemente