Student Testimonials

"Thank you so so much for coming today and sharing your story with us. You are so inspiring! You have changed so many lives today and you have changed North. I walked out of the presentation feeling like our school was so much closer and we all l had new, more compassionate eyes for each other. So many times, people, including myself, make quick judgments, not knowing what others are going through, and we judge them based on what we think and perceive. You have changed that. You are wonderful. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you." – Kirsten Daines, WI

“You honestly touched my heart in a special way. Today was my first day back in school after being in jail for robbery. I dropped out of school last year, and was smoking a lot of weed. Eventually I got locked up for robbing a restaurant. Today was my first day back in school, and I can’t thank you enough for what you said. You honestly touched my heart in a special way, and have given me hope for a better tomorrow.” – Stephen, Cincinnati, OH

“I came to school today thinking about how much I hate it.  I did not see how it related to my life and my problems. You have made a big change in my life. You helped me make up my mind to connect school to my life and future.” – Student

“That assembly was the best I've ever seen, because even though you don’t know me, you were telling my story too. Tears kept pouring down my face because I finally felt understood. Thank you for giving me a voice and giving me hope.” – Student