Parent Testimonials

“Last school year you talked to my son. I don’t know what you said to him, but it really helped him. Before he met you, he was expelled from school, fresh out of jail, and on his way to prison. Now he is n a National Guard Challenge Program. He is doing great and excelling in everything he does. Thanks again!” – Tammy L., Chicago, IL

"Mr. Scott, I am _______'s mom. You spoke at her school on Wednesday. Even though I wasn't there, I can testify that your speech honestly touched my daughter's heart. It appears you're able to get through to our youth today in ways that we, the parents or other loved ones, aren't able to. My daughter was so filled with emotion when I picked her up....I must say, you being at her school & giving that speech couldn't have come at a better time in her life. Since hearing your speech, she has reflected on many of the subjects that were talked about...Thank you very much for touching my daughter's heart & all the other's hearts you touch as well. I hope you continue to do what you do for a very long time." – Johnalee W.