Event Planner Testimonials

“Powerful and engaging, the message rings loud and clear. With his own hard work and dedication, coupled with the encouragement and support of Erin Gruwell, Manuel has embodied the true spirit of the Freedom Writers’ Mission.  I have personally had the pleasure of working with Manuel on several occasions, and it’s clear to me that his passion and commitment comes straight from the heart. Manuel delivers an inspiring message; one that every student and teacher should hear.” – James Sanfilippo, President and CEO of Clear Lam Packaging

“I was struck by the extraordinary ability Manuel has with communicating his story to the public. His gift of storytelling is what really inspired me most.” – Joe Ahern, President and General Manager of CBS 2 CHICAGO

"Manny’s is an against-the-odds story of immeasurable courage, strength and determination overcoming extreme adversity. His testimonial leaves audiences not only awed and inspired, but also moved towards change. No one who hears Manny’s incredible story will ever be the same.” – Masie Bross, Director of Whiz Kids, Inc.

“We all thought the banquet was really great this year. Manuel Scott was outstanding! We can’t see how you will ever be able to top him!” – Thomas Ewing, Volunteer, Denver, CO