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“Mr. Scott, I am a senior now, but my sophomore year you came and spoke at my school. Your words have stuck with me. Since that day, my parents and friends said they all noticed a difference in me after your program. I would like to thank you for doing what you do." -Jeff Niemann

"I have never heard Whitehouse high school's auditorium that quiet, nor seen teh students so intent upon one sole speaker.  There were no students shh-ing others or snickering or quiet whispers like there usually is....I entered that room thinking it was just something to get me out of class (and maybe a nap), but instead I gained a new perspective about the worth of every human being. I feel like you brought our campus closer. Thank you!"– Ali Morse

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“As a teacher at this school since the semester after it opened in 1995, I cannot recall an event that touched the lives of our students in such a positive way as your visit has ... you impacted countless students today and changed in one visit the culture of our building.” – Joel H., Educator, Green Bay, WI

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“Last school year you talked to my son. I don’t know what you said to him, but it really helped him. Before he met you, he was expelled from school, fresh out of jail, and on his way to prison. Now he is in a National Guard Challenge Program. He is doing great and excelling in everything he does. Thanks again!” – Tammy L., Chicago, IL

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Event Planners

"Given the success of Manuel Scott’s interactions with our students and teachers locally, I would strongly recommend and encourage opportunities for him to visit other public school districts across the nation. Particularly those districts in urban areas, with large populations of disadvantaged students, who could benefit greatly from hearing his “awe inspiring” message of hope, the value of intrinsic motivation and personal determination in 'beating the odds.' Manuel’s not only an excellent role model for students but an inspiration to us all!” – Alan J. Ingram, Ed.D. Executive Director of Federal Programs, Oklahoma City Public Schools

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