About Ink

Ink International is a consulting company founded by Manny Scott to inspire people everywhere to turn the page, and equip them to write new, more fulfilling chapters in their lives.



Too many young people are being exposed to little more than than raping, rapping, rebounding, and robbing. The environments into which many of them were born are stifling their ambitions and sabotaging their success, and consequently discarding them toward a future crippled by mediocrity and misery. For the sake of our cities and this nation, these young people need both hope and practical help. They need to not only see that others who have similar backgrounds have overcome similar obstacles to achieve tremendous success, but they must also learn the competencies necessary to survive and thrive in today’s globalized marketplace.

In recent years, there hasn’t been much success in equipping leaders to reach and teach such children and youth. However, four major forces are compelling more schools to rethink how they educate their students:

First, there are economic forces: With all the budget cuts in education, schools are having to do more with less, and fewer things better. With the influx of more troubled, at-risk, underperforming youth, schools are pulling out their hair trying to find a meaningful approach to position those kids to succeed in school and in life.

Second, there are political forces: A lot of politicians and businessmen and other interest groups have created a system in which kids are being tested to death. Students spend about three days taking state tests in each of grades three through ten, but up to 25 percent of the school year engaged in testing and test prep. By the time a student graduates high school, that could translate to 585 school days. In the 2013-2014 school year, students in kindergarten through twelfth grade in Pittsburgh Public Schools took a total of more than 270 tests required by the state or district, and fourth graders took 33 tests. Leaders in education know quite well that the most troubling truth about standardized tests is that they are a better indicator of a student’s zip code than a student’s aptitude. Schools now recognize the need for more comprehensive, holistic approaches to reaching and teaching their students.

Third, there are social forces: There has been, and will continue to be, an influx of ethnic minorities into predominantly white districts, and that influx will create all kinds of cultural misunderstandings and chaos. Teachers and students who have not been trained to build bridges instead of walls will only exacerbate the current tensions. 

The last, fourth, force, is a simmering rage among people in our country that we am are afraid could lead to more school shootings, and a lot more sorrow in our country. I have worked with people in 47 states in our country, and I have never felt the kind of simmering rage among young people that exists as I write.

These four, very real forces have created an urgent need for schools to be much more proactive about helping at-risk youth. Though resources are limiting, schools must use their shrinking resources to provide training to their faculties and staffs that equip them with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to reach and teach such underperforming, at-risk youth. If we do not, we will lose more kids, and experience more pain in our nation. 

Ink International, an education consulting firm, was founded to help organizations address these very real problems. Manny Scott and his team have developed a proven approach to help others engage, reach and teach even the most troubled youth. Drawing upon the best insights from cultural and linguistic anthropology, educational psychology, communication, philosophy and their own personal experiences, our R.E.A.C.H. approach involves giving leaders the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to understand, and effectively engage, reach and teach youth today.

Using this comprehensive approach, Manny Scott and his Ink team have directly helped leaders, teachers, volunteers, and youth all over the world to turn the page (take responsibility for their lives), and write new, more fulfilling chapters in their lives (take proactive steps to improve the overall quality of their lives). Through presentations and products at conferences, conventions, schools, fundraisers, and banquets, Ink has empowered over 1.5 million people to improve the quality of their and lives, and improve the lives of those around them; Ink has also helped districts raise student achievement and teacher effectiveness in 47 states and on four continents; and, most importantly, Ink has prevented thousands of dropouts and suicides.

Since 2007, the demand for Ink’s services has grown over 25% annually, which led us to add another consultant, Matthew Bennett, to the team in order to broaden our reach, and deepen Ink’s impact. 

Ink is on a mission to help to serve people all over the world. If you have a group that could use the awareness, knowledge, and skills to improve their impact, contact us for more information about how schedule a presentation, seminar, or workshop for your group.